Monday, 16 June 2014

Sculptures artists bring out the best of the beauty in the grain of wood

Sculpture making is an art form where artists give form and shape to their imagination- depict things sometimes tangible and sometimes intangible. It is a medium where Artists communicate their feelings or thought process to the outside world. The viewer either understands the art work or not, depends on which dimension he is thinking on. It is difficult to categorize these pieces of art but sometimes it is done on The basis of materials used for sculpting e.g. stone, bronze, wood etc.
Though each material has its own beauty and set of challenges, wooden sculptures sets themselves apart with their beauty and grace. Wood as a material for art has been highly appreciated by sculpture artists time and again as the material is easily available and is relatively inexpensive. Plus it is one of the most graceful materials used for the indoor decoration of homes in India like wooden furniture, wall panelling etc. and in such background the sculpture too looks blended and not out of place. Popularity of wood is evergreen and it is one material who never gets out of fashion.

Sculpture Artists who work with wood need special skills to do so as the material’s fibre and grain have unique properties. Though it is considered easier to shape as compared to some other material like stone, the cuts need to careful as even the direction in which the cut is made affects the end finish. The texture finish of wooden surface is something artists keep playing with as it varies with different techniques like sanding, weathering, scraping etc. Further if the tool is sharpened or blunt, it gives a variety of texture. For aesthetics, some artists like to leave the surface raw while some will even do away with tool marks with the help of sandpaper etc.  Thus there is a huge scope of playing around with tools, textures and paints.

Wooden Sculptures have a huge market not only in India but also international markets. Wood is used as a construction material in a lot of cold countries and is quite popular there. Those consumers also prefer interiors done with warm colours like that of wood, hues of red and orange and thus wooden sculptures fit very well there.

Though every material has its own beauty, Wooden Sculptures have a special attractiveness and therefore a market. These sculptures are evergreen and usually blend well with most of the interiors very well.

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