Thursday, 26 March 2015

Wooden sculpture artist- a very few delicate hands to come up with the world renowned master pieces in the wooden art form

Amongst the most appreciated forms of sculptures are the wooden sculptures. Since years together art lovers tend to value this art form, mainly because of the beauty that is incorporated in its making.  Some of the best examples of early European wooden carving include the icons of Middle Ages hailing from Germany, Russia, Italy and France. In the earlier times, these sculptures were mainly made to represent religion, but over the time, history, politics, and day to day social aspects are also depicted through sculptures. Wooden sculptures require a certain skill and delicacy and that is why history has witnessed very few wooden sculpture artists that have outgrown in this particular art form. Artist Neeraj Gupta is an expert in creating outstanding wooden sculptures.

Wooden sculpture involves delicate carving of wood using a knife or a chisel. Thus making of these sculptures require immense practice and accuracy. As comparison to stone and metal, even though this art form is less preferred owing to decay and insect damage, it is still a very popular and highly procured form of sculpturing. Most of the Chinese and Japanese sculptures are made in wood. This is because the substance is light in wood and so enables fine detailing.

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